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THALMANN - Verada 10'6" Hydraulic Folder x 16-ga Cap. New 12 ft+ Only Available, ID#VERDLF

THALMANN - Verada 10'6" Hydraulic Folder x 16-ga Cap. New 12 ft+ Only Available,

NO USED MACHINES at this time. Please check back often, we do get them in rarely and when we do they go quickly. If you see a machine listed please call us immediately to discuss. To avoid missing a machine we must haveyour PO and then your deposit in hand. Thank you!

The Verada is quite simply the most advanced architectural sheet metal folding machine in the world today. It’s the same design that Thalmann has been making for years for the metal building market, only priced for the architectural metal business.

The Verada is a 126” x 16ga folder designed for the Architectural Metal Roofing market.   A 49” CNC backgauge comes standard to help with the wide radius cornice work you might encounter.  Also, radius and crowning adjustments are standard to help provide accurate bending at any gauge of material.  The unique profile of the upper beam makes tight J-channels, while the 20 degree offset on the folding beam allows the operator to form a 12:12 pitch drip edge with a 1.5” drip.

Unlike all ten foot folders in the market currently the Verada is a Cee Frame Design. This design has always been the design type for the most expensive folders in the world, but until now no one has been able to make the cee frame design at this price point. Rather than just pressure on the ends of the machine the Verada has three cee frames that disperse power evenly over the entire working surface of the part. With “end clamping machines” the part is both clamped and bent more tightly on the ends than the middle. There is no solution for these problems in end clamp folders.

The Verada is 10 foot, 6 inches, meaning it has the capacity to make longer parts for
overlaps. These 6 inches allow you to participate in the metal building business because you can replace 21 foot parts with 2, 10’ 6”.

The Verada uses torsion bars on both the clamping and folding beams to eliminate the problems of inconsistent folding performance. What they do is simply lock the powerful hydraulic cylinders in unison. The cylinders push on the torsion bar, the rotation of which turns the folding and clamping beams.

This engineering approach turns the hydraulic action into a mechanical action. Since the high tensile torsion bar locks the hydraulic cylinders in unison, the mechanical function actuates in perfect unison. The control of this function is made possible by the location of the encoder on the mechanical torsion bars. This means the machine is controlled by position not pressure, just like “end clamping machines.” This allows the Verada to match the speed and accuracy of “end clamp machines,” but still give you the power for hemming, folding and long life of hydraulics.

The same engineering techniques are used to lock the cylinders together on the folding beam, but the Thalmann takes control of the most essential effort of a folding machine to a new level of ingenuity.

The advantages of a ZR Verada Series over any competition are;







  1. Torsion shafts on folding beam - long life of accurate folding


  2. Torsion shafts on upper beam - - long life of accurate folding


  3. Forged and Hardened pins and linkage for long life


  4. Hydraulic C-type clamping instead of electric end housing clamping - great hemming


  5. Small folding beam, operator does not have to step away


  6. 48" backgauge


  7. 16ga forming at 100% Duty cycle


  8. Crowning adjustment


  9. Excellent for Radius forming


  10. Industrial windows XP version graphic control


  11. Can replace control with laptop to get up and running


  12. Folding beam relieved 20 degrees. Can bend a 12:12 pitch drip edge


  13. Upper beam relieved for tight J-Channels or deep door flashings


If you are in the market for the very best 10'6" folder on the maket please act quickly on this unit. Please call Norm @ 800-753-0393or email him at for further information. Thank you!

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